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Hello and Welcome to the Woodlands Newsletter !! With pictures !

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine....

Appearing Saturday 18th July 8.30 - Bob Humphries

Bob rose to fame on the local scene playing along with his good friend PaulBob Humphries around the session nights of Rotherham.  

Later he was to be lead singer with The Lantern’s as well as Florin.

Bob is a well respected member of the local music community, his performances at sessions are always anticipated with expectation of something different, and his voice simply has a fantastic range.  

Why not come down on Saturday and enjoy ! 

Music Afternoon Sunday 5th July 2015
The music afternoon held on Sunday 5th 2015 was BRILLIANT !! 

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Heres what John Lowndes had to say about it.

"Wow! Wow! Wow,, what an absolutly corking first Sunday of the month jam session we had yesterday at the Woodlands, with a great line up of guest singers and bands......and all home grown might I add, rotherham is bursting with talent at this time for sure. Among the many guests were, bro Lenny, Mr Ryan Eyre, The Beertles, Nathan, Mr Bob Humphries, our Ernie, and as well as the Woodlands House Band AND we were treated to two of Rotherhams most recently signed artists the Tom Kilner Band and the two founding members of the Lauren Housley band Tom Dibbs and Lauren Housley who put on a fantastic show.......does it get any betTer than this? And last but not least a big thankyou to our Sunday girls, See you all next time"

The next Music afternoon will be on Sunday 2nd August 2015 ... who knows who might be at the next one !

Prendo and the other Brothers of the Night appear every Thursday at The Woodlands. Sometimes thy are joined by guest drummer Paul Robinson who used to play drums for (amongst others) Nina Simone. Come on down !!

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Our regular weekly evening events include :

Monday -Bingo

Tuesday Bottle Top Bingo and Chase the Ace

Wednesday -Quiz Night

Thursday -Prendo

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